Care for the wild

Your guide to making animal friendly choices on holiday

Tourist activities that exploit animals only continue because tourists choose to support them. As a tourist you have a choice – to avoid cruel practices and reward positive ones.

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Stop this barbaric tradition of hanging a live bull from a tree – Petition

Bull hung China

01/09/2014 - Barbaric tradition of hanging a live bull from a tree Culture or cruelty? Every year in part of China, a bull is hung from a tree and left to slowly die. The belief is that this sacrifice will help the harvest, but in this day and age, surely this is unnecessary? Petition from Care2: Each […]

Is eco-tourism harming whales and dolphins?

Whale watching

29/08/2014 - Is eco-tourism harming whales and dolphins? Interesting article looking at new research examining how whale watching and swimming with wild dolphins could be harming the mammals. For animal lovers, the chance to see majestic creatures such as whales in their natural habitat is often the high point of a holiday. But conservationists have warned that […]

The dark side of animal tourism in Thailand – Telegraph

Ele and tourists Thailand

27/08/2014 - Thailand and animal tourism – a big problem area. Article looking at the way tourists are contributing to the abuse and cruelty of animals in the country – and perhaps how things might be changing.

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