Care for the wild

Your guide to making animal friendly choices on holiday

Tourist activities that exploit animals only continue because tourists choose to support them. As a tourist you have a choice – to avoid cruel practices and reward positive ones.

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Should we swim with dolphins?


17/09/2014 - Swimming with dolphins, whether captive or wild, is an item that can be found on most people’s bucket lists. However there is now evidence to suggest that this is directly harmful to the dolphins, and Ian Wood’s experience with swimming with dolphins has led him to question this industry and its effects on the dolphins.

Tourism is killing bats – but could it save them too?


16/09/2014 - Bats have gained a bit of a bad reputation in recent years for being disease carriers – but they play a vital role in many ecosystems around the world and their conservation is becoming increasingly important. Tourism could have a part to play in this, as Dawn Starin explains in an article first published in ‘In these Times’.

Stop ‘Tiger Selfies’


14/09/2014 - Tiger and lion cubs are gorgeous, there’s no doubt about it. It’s hard not to want to pick one up and cuddle it – and thanks to cheaper air travel and a few enterprising people, it’s easier than ever to do exactly that. Unfortunately, while tiger ‘selfies’ might be all the rage, the secret behind the selfies just isn’t at all palatable.

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